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Amatsigroup acquires Disposable-Lab


Amatsigroup acquires Disposable-Lab and enhances its leadership in development services for injectable drug products.

  • Disposable-Lab, a fast-growing French company providing innovative single use technology solutions for aseptic formulation & manufacturing needs for (bio) pharmaceutical customers
  • Amatsigroup is extending its capacities and reiterating its 2017 revenue target of €50 million
Press Release  | Fontenilles (France), January 18th, 2017
Amatsigroup, a leading European CDMO located in France, announces today the acquisition of Disposable-Lab, a French company specialized in manufacturing clinical batches on injectable forms.
Disposable-Lab’s advanced technology for the manufacturing of sterile clinical batches
Founded in 2008 in Martillac (near Bordeaux | FR), Disposable-Lab benefited from a growing market demand on single use solutions for aseptic production of technical and clinical batches. Those single use isolators and disposable equipment package support the development of targeted new therapies based on biological molecules (immunotherapy in oncology, vaccines, etc...) as well as non-conventional processes (sterile powder filling, gene therapy, active vaccines and very small batch sizes…).
Disposable-Lab is the first pharmaceutical facility specifically designed and built for “single use” processes in aseptic conditions from formulation to manufacturing of technical and clinical batches.
Disposable-Lab highly innovative process contributes to increase safety through the use of full disposable equipment in a closed system providing all the features for aseptic filling. It affords tremendous industrial flexibility to pharmaceutical labs and biotechnology companies, until allowing them to set up production lines located close to their R&D teams. Lastly, with its unique Pyrofree® technology, the company is able to provide a wide range of apyrogenic sterile vials, ready to use and suitable for advanced technology in manufacturing processes for sterile drugs.
Disposable-Lab reported €2.2 million in revenues in 2016 with 15 employees and won the Deloitte In Extenso Technology Fast 50 South West companies (2016) award. Over 60% of the group’s turnover is generated from foreign customers (Europe, United States, Asia).
Amatsigroup is extending its leadership in dedicated services for the development of (bio) pharmaceutical products
Supported by a sustainable growth environment, Amatsigroup’s rationale for acquiring Disposable-Lab could be summarized as such:
  • extend its aseptic manufacturing solutions under Good Manufacturing Practices compliant environment,
  • increase its overall manufacturing capacity for sterile clinical batches further to a recent investment on a second manufacturing line at its Idron’s facility (Pau vicinity),
  • constantly innovate towards new process for the development & manufacturing of biological drugs and single use equipment. This will allow the production of very small-scale batches (dosages around a microliter),
  • expand its footprint in the supply of clinical services by additional services and empower its strategy to support the development of future medical therapies.
Thanks to this acquisition, Amatsigroup will strengthen its leadership position within the manufacturing area for parenteral and sterile clinical batches and confirm its objective to exceed the €50 million revenue bar by 2017 (vs €44 million prior year).
“This acquisition fits perfectly with our strategy of being recognized as a leader in the field of sterile clinical batches manufacturing, matching perfectly the pharmaceutical industry increasing needs”, commented Alain Sainsot, Chairman of Amatsigroup. “We are very proud to join forces with Amatsigroup, a key player in clinical batches supply to the pharmaceutical industry. By leveraging the close fit between our businesses and the expertise of our teams, we will be able to develop the best possible manufacturing process to meet our customers’ requirements”, added Jean-Pascal Zambaux, Founder of Disposable-Lab.
About Amatsigroup
Amatsigroup, as a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization), provides preclinical and clinical services for the development of human and veterinary drugs. Founded in 2010, it was formed through the merger of four companies (Avogadro, Amatsi, DBI, Avepharm) bringing complementary expertise. As of 2014, Amatsigroup began to expand internationally with the acquisition of its subsidiaries SEPS Pharma in Belgium and Amatsigroup Inc. (Indiana, USA). Its expansion continued in 2015 with the acquisition of Pierre Fabre's pharmaceutical analysis laboratory in Saint-Augustin, France. In 2016, the group expands its activity through the acquisition of QBiologicals, a Belgian company specialized in bioprocess development& biomanufacturing.
With more than 300 highly qualified staff and a diversified clientele of 300 international pharmaceutical groups and biotech companies, Amatsigroup is a leading provider of services for the development of veterinary and human pharmaceutical products. 
Amatsigroup provides its customers with a broad array of international services: 
  • Biologicals: generation of cell banks & virus seeds, expression systems, bioprocess development, biomanufacturing, QC – QA & Release. 
  • Bioservices: In Life studies & Bioanalysis. 
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis Solutions: analytical method development and validation, stability studies, quality control and analytical support to other services.
  • Formulation development & manufacturing: bioavailability enhancement & drug release control; pilot & clinical batches manufacturing for parenteral, oral or topical forms. 
  • Clinical trial supply: packaging and Logistics: QP release, packaging, GMP storage, labeling & worldwide logistics.